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Hiring a Virtual Assistant - Freelancer vs Virtual Assistant Agency

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant: Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

Thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant? Not sure if a VA is right for you? Hiring a Virtual Assistant requires a different mindset, a change in how you normally handle your business. It's a change from working in person with employees and or assistants to working virtually - where most of the time your only contact is by phone, email or online web conferencing. If you can adapt to an ever-changing environment and would like to be competitive and grow your business, hiring a virtual assistant is the perfect solution.

So, you've decided it's time to expand your business by hiring a Virtual Assistant. Congratulations! You have just set yourself apart from many entrepreneurs, because you are willing to embrace the staffing solutions of the new millennium. Your competition, who may still be insisting on hiring an "on-site" assistant, is having to run expensive employment ads, create and initiate training with their new hire, pay for additional phone lines, computers, and desk supplies, AND be bothered by dealing with payroll taxes and benefits for their employee. What an antiquated system!

On the other hand, you've decided you want to "go virtual," by hiring a Virtual Assistant. The VA you hire will have a fully functional home office, complete with unlimited long-distance, virtual fax capabilities, a virtual PBX, cellular phone, computer with high speed internet access, a printer, and a quiet work environment. Best of all, you have the ability to hire your Virtual Assistant as an independent contractor, which will save you when dealing with the IRS, and your state and local taxing authorities.

Now you have to decide whether or not it is to your benefit to hire your Virtual Assistant on your own, or go through a "Virtual Staffing Agency." The first thing most of us think of when we think of going through an agency, is EXPENSIVE. Why would anyone want to go through a virtual staffing agency, when they can just run an ad and hire a VA on their own?

Let's do a cost analysis on hiring your own Freelancer Virtual Assistant, versus hiring a Virtual Assistant through a Virtual Assistant Agency. First of all, if you plan to hire a VA on your own, you are undoubtedly going to have to run employment ads; so you're going to invest your time and energy, creating and submitting your advertisement. If you run an employment ad that has a cost involved, for instance, in your local paper, you're looking at an average cost of approximately $300 - $400, for a weekend run, with internet coverage. This ad may or may not yield the new hire you are looking for. On the flip side, if you utilize a reputable virtual staffing agency, one simple phone call gets the ball rolling. Most services have an extensive pool of virtual assistants they can tap into to meet your needs quickly.

What happens if you choose to hire your own Freelancer Virtual Assistant, and he or she is not right for the job? What do you do, if the VA you hired quits? Well, when you hire a VA on your own - it's back to the drawing board. You're going to have to spend the time, energy, and money all over again, to find a replacement. When you hire a Virtual Assistant through a service, you call or email, and a new VA will be assigned to you.

Let's talk about what you're going to pay your assistant. If you hire your own Freelancer VA, you're going to have to pay him/her the general going rate; which is currently between $5.00 - $25.00 per hour, depending on the expertise level required by the assistant. Obviously, it would cost more to hire an "agency" VA, right? Not really, when you look at the big picture! Imagine not having to purchase expensive office equipment, adding additional telephone lines or internet service cables. You won't have to deal with payroll or payroll taxes either. In fact, the high expense associated with Worker's Compensation won't be a concern of yours at all.

Let's break down the Pros & Cons of Hiring Freelancer on your own vs Virtual Assistant Agency:

Hire a Freelancer Virtual Assistant - 

  • Initial time and costs for employment ads
  • Pay your Virtual Assistant while training
  • Utilize your Virtual Assistant for a specific number of hours each week
  • No replacement, if the relationship does not work out
  • Additional expenses when hiring replacement

Hire through a Virtual Assistant Agency -

  • NO upfront costs
  • No contract length commitments
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Only 2 hour per week minimum
  • Each VA is tested, trained, and qualified
  • No replacement costs
  • Hourly rate comparable to rate paid when hiring on your own

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be one of the most cost-effective means of growing your business. While hiring a VA on your own can work in some cases, it comes with no guarantees the relationship will work out. Utilizing a Virtual Assistant Agency can be the win-win situation you need - just do the math!

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