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Ever noticed how much of your time you end up not doing some significant things on your to-do list every day? Perhaps your business or work does not allow you enough time for your family? We think you might need to get an extra hand. That extra hand is your virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant renders services to businesses from a remote place. These services cut across virtually anything you can think of in the office or workplace. There are different reasons to hire a virtual service, and these services focus on helping businesses owners or entrepreneurs as well as other small businesses with little or no pieces of equipment, workspace or even a low budget.

What Can We do For Your Business?

Virtual Assistant Service is a tool that many companies use to reduce their cost of operation and to increase their productivity. Generally, it involves sending the work that was previously done in the company to an outside company. The services that Virtual Assistant companies provide include Web Research services, payroll and book-keeping, data entry services, back-office duties, website design and development, etc. Virtual Assistant involves giving the contract of operations and responsibilities of carrying out certain business processes and functions to a third party service provider like virtualousPRO.

Outsource Web Research Tasks

☑Online Research
☑Market Research
☑Product Research
☑Company Research
☑Information Research
☑Events Research
☑Document Research
☑Leads Research
☑Property Research
☑Data Entry Assistance
☑Data Mining
☑Email Research
☑B2B Lead Generation

High-Quality Product research 

☑Product Research
☑Product Choice based on Analysis
☑Competitor analysis
☑Industry & Niche Analysis
☑Information Research
☑Determination of Market Volume and Success-Chances
☑Trends & Forecasts
☑Potential Revenue Calculation
☑List of Suitable Suppliers
☑Keywords Rsearch
☑Supplier Info  
☑Market demands

Data Collection Services

☑Online Data Collection
☑Product Data Collection
☑Competitor analysis
☑Data Collection from Books
☑Contact Data Collection 
☑Address Data Collection
☑Website Data Collection  
☑B2B research
☑Data Collection from Specific Sources
☑Keywords Rsearch
☑Company Data Collection  
☑Data processing services 
☑Data enrichment services 


☑Full Website Creation
☑WP Installation & Setup 
☑Build websites using WordPress
☑Provide technical support to clients
☑Write coding using HTML and CSS
☑Design new features for existing websites
☑Customize themes to meet clients’ requirements
☑Manage Back-End Development
☑Manage Front-End Development
☑Performance Monitoring
☑PSDs into custom HTML websites or custom
☑Backup, Cloning & Migration 
☑Admin Support

Website Builders & CMS

☑Full Website Creation
☑Landing Page 
☑Bug Fixes  
☑Write coding using HTML and CSS
☑Design new features for existing websites  
☑Manage Back-End Development
☑Manage Front-End Development
☑Performance Monitoring  
☑Backup, Cloning & Migration
☑Admin Support

E-Commerce Development

☑Custom Design to match your brand & requirements
☑Fully Optimized Website for Search Engines
☑100% Responsive design for mobile devices
☑Professional Home/Landing Page
☑Setup/configure eCommerce shop for products
☑Setup & Configure eCommerce functionality on store, setup payment, currency, shipping method, checkout page etc.  
☑setup all other pages like About us/Contact us with google map/Privacy policy/Terms & Condition
☑Dynamic navigation bar with drop down, Slider and Categories
☑PayPal Integration
☑CMS so you can manage categories, products, orders, customers, shipping method, pages etc etc yourself

Personal Tasks

☑Admin Support
☑Proof reading
☑Email and Chat Support
☑PDF Conversion
☑Collect Emails
☑Product Listing
☑Internet Research
☑Travel Arrangements
☑Data Presentations
☑Handling emails
☑Email inbox management
☑Appointment Scheduling
☑Data Entry

Business Process Support

☑Customer Support
☑CRM Management
☑Billing Management
☑SEO Audit & Keyword Research
☑Link Building
☑Content Writing
☑Business Plan Writing
☑Data Analytics
☑Market Research
☑Accounts Payable / Receivable
☑Journal Entry and Reconciliation
☑Financial Statements Analysis

Online Research

☑Exhibition or Event Research
☑Legal Research
☑Hotel Research
☑Job Search
☑Product Research
☑Product Ordering/Purchase
☑Service Provider Research
☑Online Research on any topic
☑Field Research
☑Business Research
☑Industry Research

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"Virtual Assistant Services"

Reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant-

Virtual Assistant Services


As we said earlier, a virtual assistant is an extra hand. They take care of some activities in your to-do list, which results in more productive time and less work stress.


Saves You Time

Other areas of your life should not be neglected because you are running a business. Some jobs can be delegated to a virtual assistant so that you can have time for other better things.


Hassle Free

Virtual Assistants are designed to help businesses without investing in equipment, taxes, and payrolls and you don’t even need to pay for the entire month. Pay only for the time you use their services.


Virtual Assistant Services

Email Us/ Call Us / Message Us

We have made the whole process of assigning tasks simple by not having sign ups or creating accounts. You can just simply email us the tasks and we will make sure it's done correctly and on time.


Assignment of Assistants

After carefully reviewing your requirements we will assign a virtual assistant according to your needs.



Relax while your Virtual Assistant performs the tasks and updates you in real-time.

No unclocked fees, just 'job done'

Why We are Different?
Many virtual assistant firms charge more than $1000 just for 36 hours and many users find this open abuse. We don't work that way. We offer both hourly and pay per job. For an hourly job, you are charged for the hours worked on your project

With a Pay Per project, we make an agreement with the client by negotiating the price and this is ideal for a project with finite deliverables and a clear scope you can predict in advance It's that simple.

Looking for affordable virtual assistant services? Starts $4/hr!


$ 4 per hour

☑Basic Assistant
☑Works 6 Hours/day
☑40 Hours a week
☑Free Trials


$ 99  per month

☑Professional Assistant
☑99 tasks/month
☑5-10 Minutes Per task
☑Free Trials


$ 399 per month

☑Premium Assistant, perfect for fast growing companies
☑Familiar with web development
☑28 Hours/ Week
☑Free Trials

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Virtual Assistant Services

“Excellent work! Needed some research done and they were really fast, clean and accurate spreadsheet delivery. Exactly what i wanted. Will definitely order more!"

Virtual Assistant Services testimonials1

“Rimly and her team were a breath of fresh air to our business. Professional from beginning to end. Executed what was promised on time, on budget, and with a smile."

Virtual Assistant Services testimonials2

“Awesome virtual assistant. Delivers tasks on time with high quality and accuracy. Uses instructions on tasks and works efficiently with good communication."

Ready to get things organised?

Time is valuable, and by delegating you can make the most out of your time!


Affordable Virtual Assistant Services provider in India. Pay only $4 per hour. No Contract, No commitment.


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