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Ever noticed how much of your time you end up not doing some significant things on your to-do list every day? Perhaps your business or work does not allow you enough time for your family?  We think you might need to get an extra hand. That extra hand is your virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant renders services to businesses from a remote place. These services cut across virtually anything you can think of in the office or workplace. There are different reasons to hire a virtual service, and these services focus on helping businesses owners or entrepreneurs as well as other small businesses with little or no pieces of equipment, workspace or even a low budget.

Virtual Assistant Services

Reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant-


As we said earlier, a virtual assistant is an extra hand. They take care of some activities in your to-do list, which results in more productive time and less work stress. 

Saves You Time

Other areas of your life should not be neglected because you are running a business. Some jobs can be delegated to a virtual assistant so that you can have time for other better things.

Hassle Free

Virtual Assistants are designed to help businesses without investing in equipment, taxes, and payrolls and you don’t even need to pay for the entire month. Pay only for the time you use their services. 

Saves You Money

Pay only for the time you use their services. Hiring a virtual assistant is easy, hassle-free, and it is relatively less costly than hiring someone in-house!

What can we do for your business?

Virtual Assistant Services

Web Research

Online Research
Market Research
Product Research
Company Research
Information Research
Events Research
Document Research
Leads Research
Property Research
Data Entry Assistance
Data Mining
Email Research
B2B Lead Generation

Virtual Assistant Services

WordPress Developer

Build websites using WordPress
Provide technical support to clients
Write coding using HTML and CSS
Design new features for existing websites
Customize themes to meet clients’ requirements
Manage Back-End Development
Manage Front-End Development
Performance Monitoring
PSDs into custom HTML websites or custom WordPress Themes
Setup and configured MailChimp accounts for clients
Admin Support

Virtual Assistant Services

Personal Assistant

Admin Support
Proof reading
Email and Chat Support
PDF Conversion
Collect Emails
Product Listing
Internet Research
Travel Arrangements
Data Presentations
Handling emails
Email inbox management
Appointment Scheduling
Data Entry

Virtual Assistant Services

Data Entry Services

Data Entry
Online Data Entry
Offline Data Entry
Excel Data Entry
XML Data Entry
Web Data Entry
Questionnaire Data Entry
Image Data Entry
Insurance Claim Data Entry
Copy Paste Services

Virtual Assistant Services

Social Media Assistant

Channel set up and optimization
Attractive captions
Hashtag outreach
Organic growth of likes and followers
Optimize your profile
Linkedin Management
Interaction with Followers
Sending Invites

Virtual Assistant Services

Lead Generation

Research leads and find accurate contact details
Verify email addresses to reduce bounce rate.
Deliver warm qualified leads direct to your inbox
GDPR-compliant emails
Expert copywriting
Landing Pages
Campaign Management
Enrich CRM Data
B2B Email Resaerch and Outreach
Appointment Scheduling

Why Choose us as Your Virtual Assistant?

Our Virtual Assistant Services will set out a solution for you.


Proficient with Business tools!

We only hire college-educated virtual assistants with a minimum of 5 years experience, proficient in fundamental business skills, tools.


We Are Always Improving

We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital work that is both innovative and measurable. We tackle business problems with intelligence.


100% QualityGuaranteed

Quick turnaround time. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

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virtualousPRO has pioneered itself as one of the leading virtual assistant services providers in India. We offer a wide range of virtual assistant services at a reasonable price which includes Web Development, Online Research, Social media Assistant, Email marketing, Data Entry Services, lead generation, Inbox Management, Scheduling blog posts, Personal Assistant, WordPress Assistant, Graphic designing, HubSpot and other CRM tools and many more personal and business tasks.

Top Virtual Assistant Services You Can Outsource to us to Grow Your Business!

Online Web Research
Data Entry Assistant 
CRM support
Social Media Management
Personal Assistant
WordPress Blog Management 
Customer Service
Lead Generation


Virtual Assistant Services

No unclocked fees, just 'job done'

Why We are Different?
Many virtual assistant firms charge more than $1000 just for 36 hours and many users find this open abuse. We don't work that way. We offer both hourly and pay per job. For an hourly job, you are charged for the hours worked on your project

With a Pay Per project, we make an agreement with the client by negotiating the price and this is ideal for a project with finite deliverables and a clear scope you can predict in advance It's that simple.

Looking for affordable virtual assistant services? Starts $4/hr!


$ 4 per hour
  • Basic Assistant for individuals.
    Works 6 hours a day
    40 hours a week.
    Basic Research, Data Entry.
  • Free Trials


$ 99 99 tasks
  • Professional Assistant for startups. 99 tasks. 5-10 Minutes Per task. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace Assistance included.
  • Free Trials


$ 399 per month
  • Premium Assistant, perfect for fast growing companies. Familiar with web development.
    Works 120 Hours a Month
  • Free Trials

10 cheapest Virtual Assistant Services you can outsource for just $3 - $5 per hour.

See what others are saying about our virtual assistant services-

Virtual Assistant Services

“Excellent work! Needed some research done and they were really fast, clean and accurate spreadsheet delivery. Exactly what i wanted. Will definitely order more!"

Virtual Assistant Services

“Rimly and her team were a breath of fresh air to our business. Professional from beginning to end. Executed what was promised on time, on budget, and with a smile."

Virtual Assistant Services

“Awesome virtual assistant. Delivers tasks on time with high quality and accuracy. Uses instructions on tasks and works efficiently with good communication."

if We don't deliver, you don't pay!


Anyone can claim to be a virtual assistant, and this can make a business owner make a mistake of getting into incapable hands. A good virtual assistant has an impact even on the organization's revenue. We can save you from getting into the wrong hands( hiring and paying for services that do not deserve the fee).

Now you know why you should hire a virtual assistant, you might be wondering what services a virtual assistant can offer?

A Virtual Assistant can offer anything including Online Research, data entry, typing and converting business cards and other forms of sources into easily accessible formats such as excel, word, help you in preparing a presentation, finding and collecting data for companies and lead generation. They can also be very helpful in social media management and marketing

List of Virtual Assistant Services – 122 tasks a Virtual Personal Assistant Can Do! 

Virtual Assistant Services

Ready to get things organised?

Time is valuable, and by delegating you can make the most out of your time!


virtualousPRO offers a wide range of affordable virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and business owners. Hire a Virtual Assistant at a very cheap price. Pay $1 per task only.


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