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The evolution of the World Wide Web and Search engines has brought the abundant and ever growing pile of data and information on our finger tips. It has now become a popular and important resource for doing information research and analysis.

Today, web research and data mining services have become increasingly important to almost all individuals, sectors and businesses. These services include applying methodologies like business intelligence, web scrapping services and data extraction to get the desired results. Web researchers use Web search engines (keyword queries) or specific means to surf the web to get specific results. However, all the results obtained are not relevant as keyword search gives a lot of irrelevant material. When searching the internet or web for information on any given topic, it usually ends with a million pages to see through, which can be a frustrating experience and takes a lot of time.

Web Research involves searching, collecting, understanding, evaluating and exploring information. Web Research is the detailed study of a subject in order to discover information or achieve a new understanding of it. Web research services are mainly availed by students, researchers, and others who are seeking some particular information. Web-based market research solutions are used by media, publishing, public relations, finance, transportation, automation, automobile, government, FMCG, healthcare and various other industries.

There are a variety of web research services offered by virtualousPRO:

  • Data Mining
  • Information Retrieval
  • Online Data Research
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Web Data Extraction
  • Web Research

Benefits of Choosing Web Research Services:

  • Only accurate and relevant data from reliable sources will be included
  • Hard-to-find information can be accessed
  • Data can be sourced from a variety of sources, according to the specifications of the researcher
  • Data from chat rooms; notice boards, online and offline sources can be accessed
  • Experienced web researchers using the latest technology can conduct research quickly
  • Significant costs can be saved due to the speed of data collection as well as the accuracy, relevance and reliability of data
  • Research results will be analyzed and organized for easy reference
  • Leaving the research to professionals frees you up to handle matters that cannot be outsourced

virtualousPRO provides an extensive range of Web Research services that include studying client's products, business competitors, market trends, knowledge base as well as target market for sales and marketing campaigns.

At virtualousPRO, we are capable of extracting data from various sources including databases, images, documents and websites to name a few. In general, Our Data Mining / Web Research Services, include (but is not limited to): -

Business Web Research

  • Market and Product Research
  • Company and Business Research
  • eCommerce Product Information Research
  • NEW Market Research
  • Researching customer data
  • LinkedIn research and data entry
  • Facebook data extraction and data entry
  • Twitter data collection and entry
  • Wikipedia research and entry
  • Foursquare data collection and data entry

Data Mining Services

  • Harvest list and directory data from the web and transfer it to a format of your choice
  • Gain deeper product marketing and customer insights form blogs, forums, and review sites
  • Acquire real-time and general updates of exchange, insurance, interest, mortgage rates, etc.
  • Automated Keyword Searches on prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Monitor web pages and provide content updates from your suppliers' website

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