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Hire A Virtual Assistant for managing your WordPress blog or assist you while you develop a website for your client.

WordPress Virtual Assistant for just $4/hr.

Your WordPress virtual assistant is someone who manages your WordPress blog - from setting up to design and layout customization to blog maintenance.

Here's a list of 5 essential tasks a WordPress Virtual Assistant does--

1. Setting and installing your blog -

Whether it's free or self hosted, your WordPress virtual assistant would know how to do this for you.
Create blog posts and publish them - Your WordPress VA can transcribe your dictation and convert it into an edited and proofread blog post. Depending on your arrangement, your VA can also write your blog posts for you. Just make sure that you make it clear what topics you want to be included in your blog. If you want, you event prepare a list of titles and topics you want written.

2. Embed video and podcasts -

An alternative to the usual blog post or article is a video blog or a podcast. If you like talking or public speaking, then this is the perfect alternative for you. Once you have created a video, send it as a compressed file to your WordPress VA for embedding on your blog and YouTube channel. There's no limit to how many videos you can create; your WordPress VA will be the one to schedule it for you.
Find and add appropriate images - Supposing that you have your blog posts written by you or for you by someone other than your WordPress VA, then the latter can just add appropriate images to the post to make your blog look more interesting.

3. Categorize and add tags to your posts -

If you already have a blog but is only getting serious about it now, you should get a WordPress VA to go back and check whether all your posts are categorized and have the appropriate tags. This will make your blog more organized.

4. Optimize blog for search engines -

If you are personally writing your posts, you are not probably thinking about keywords. You can have your VA to add keywords to your post as deemed appropriate. This will be good for.
Backlink to other posts in your blog - When you have a blog, you want your readers to read more than just one blog post. Make it easy for them to do that by having your VA create hyperlinks in your blog post and link it to your other blog posts.

5. Moderate and respond to blog comments -

Comments provide an avenue for you and your readers to interact. Have your WordPress VA respond to each and every comment that is made, even if it is just to thank the reader for dropping by and taking time to comment. 

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Why WordPress is best?

VAs with Internet marketing experience will have been exposed to WordPress as a website platform. You may have heard of WordPress as a blogging software, but it's actually a whole lot more these days. It is increasingly being used by businesses as their website for a number of reasons, including:


Best for blogging.

You can integrate a blog, which helps you frequently add fresh content and rank better in Google


WordPress is easy to use.

WordPress is easy to use, and even you can easily make text or photo changes, or even add your own blogs without much training


WordPress has built-in SEO features.

WordPress has built-in SEO fields that make it easier to optimize your content for the best results in search engines


WordPress comes with tons of neat plug-ins.

WordPress comes with tons of neat plug-ins and gadgets that will help you integrate your website with social media, very handy in today's marketplace


WordPress also helps your site index and rank quickly.

WordPress also helps your search engine results, because every website written in that platform is written with a uniform language. HTML, meanwhile, is more customized. Every website is written by a different author; there's no uniformity. This makes it more difficult for Google to quickly index and rank

Looking for affordable WordPress virtual assistant? Starts $4/hr!


$ 4 per hour
  • Free Trial - 2hrs
  • Assistant Level - Trained
  • 8 Hours a day
  • Maintenance and small tasks for one WordPress website


$ 99 99 tasks
  • Free Trial - 2hrs
  • 99 tasks. 5-10 Minutes Per task, Assistant Level - Highly Trained
  • 6 Hours a day
  • Basic maintenance of WordPress Blogs, Manage, Technical supports etc.


$ 199 per month
  • Free Trial - 2hrs
  • Assistant Level - Highly Trained
  • 50 Hours
  • Premium WordPress Assistant. Occasional updates, fixes and general technical support.


$ 999 per month
  • Free Trial - 2hrs
  • Assistant Level - Highly Trained
  • 200 Hours
  • 2 Assistants
  • 24*7 Support
  • Pro WordPress Assistant & Technical Support with coding knowledge. 

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